We offer

Panorama trips, Picnics, Scheduled lines


2 hours panorama - round trips along the coast for the groups 20 to 70 persons. Welcome drink free.

Price : 18.00 €

Scheduled lines

Portorož – Izola : Every Tuesday and Friday 10.00 to 13.30 and 14.30 to 18.00, with one hour and half stop in Izola.

Price: 18€ adults, 12€ for children from 6 to 12 years of age.


Menu: 1

Sardines (or hake) and grilled calamari, salad, bread, an appetizer and a half liter of wine,soft drinks. A boat ride along the Slovenian coast for 3 hours.

Price: 32,00 €  per person

Menu: 2

Mussels, sardines (or hake) and squid on the grill, salad, bread, appetizer, half a liter of wine,soft drinks, a boat trip along the Slovenian coast for 3 hours.

Price: 36,00 €  per person

Menu: 3

Salted anchovies, bacala, ham and cheese with olives, sea bream or sea bass and calamari grilled with dish, salad, bread, aperitif wine,soft drinks if desired. A boat ride along the Slovenian coast for 4 hours.

Price: 48,00 €  per person

Menu : X - ( only as an alternative for non-fish dish menu).

Cold meats (prosciutto, olives, cheese, etc.), mixed grilled meat, salad, bread, aperitif, wine. A boat ride along the Slovenian coast for a period of 3 or. 4 hours. Price as the other fish in that they are smaller selections - quantity (etc.).

Cold / hot buffets

Possible and can be prepared according to guests' wishes, by failing to decide for themselves how much they want to spend, and we are prepared in sufficient quantity. Of said dishes can be selected one of each device and the additional menu, depending on the price. Minimum number of guests 30 people. For further information we are available.